Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Epic Poetry and Tragedy

Characters of Emma VS Harriet, The vices of authority, Critics of Plato's view of art  

High Seriousness (Short Question)

What role do women play in Stephen’s world? Do you think he could have a fulfilling relationship with a real girl?  (Novel)

It is the place of satire to expose human weakness, not necessarily to propose ways of fixing it. But the islands of Brobdingnag and Houyhnhnm Land both seem to suggest models of better living. (Prose)

Generative, Generative Grammar Definition, Noam Chomsky, Finite state grammar, Phrase Structure Grammar, Transformational grammar (Linguistics)

How a researcher can assess the validity and reliability of his/her research? (Research in Linguistics)

Relation and Comparison between Pidgin Language and Mother Language. 

The technique of Micro teaching (re-planning, re-teaching and re-evaluation) in a classroom. 

The lesson plan for English language learners. 

Are there any conventions for the application of foregrounding? Elaborate. 

Differentiate between Practical Criticism and New Criticism in detail. 

How does visual representation help in identifying the phonological patterns of a language? Give examples.